Why We Exist

The Wyshbox team has been working in finance for over a decade, and we were so proud how we were able to make investing and managing our money easy to understand, and get started quickly. But a year ago we decided to take our experience and take on topic of Life Insurance. In the past 10 years, interest in Life Insurance has gone down, and there is a whole generation that doesn’t know if we need it, or what it can do to help us protect our families or people that depend on us. 

Lets face it – Life Insurance is boring. It can be complicated. And really, it can feel like something that other people need. But if those between 20-35 protected things like our mortgage, rent, car payments, student loans, and even college tuition for our kids – we could close the $19 trillion dollar gap of things that should be protected with Life Insurance. This insurance gap is leaving us all vulnerable to unexpected financial hardships our loved ones would face if we were to die unexpectedly.

That’s why we started this blog, because we believe that everyone should feel the confidence and peace of mind that comes from obtaining the financial protection they need in their lives, and will be giving everyone free tools, resources and perspectives that can help at any stage of your journey. 

Life Insurance doesn’t need to be complicated – so we are trying to simplify the process for you, and give you real scenarios that help you choose the Life Insurance strategy that’s right for you. No jargon, no complicated grids – just an educational resource that truly believes that if more people had life insurance, the world would be a better place.

Have Questions? Contact us at howdy@wyshbox.com